Contact centre vs call centre

Contact centres vs call centres: what’s the difference?

In today’s fast-paced digital age, businesses need to maintain a robust and efficient customer service system. Two primary options for achieving this are contact centers and call centers. These two customer support solutions have distinct features, benefits, and drawbacks. This article compares contact centres and call centres. It also discusses their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, it helps you choose the best option for your business


Understanding the difference – contact centres and call centres

What is a contact centre ?

A contact centre is a customer service hub that provides support through various communication channels. These channels can include phone calls, email, live chat, social media, and even SMS. The core idea behind a contact centre is to offer a seamless, multichannel experience to customers. Contact centres often use advanced software and analytics to manage customer interactions effectively.

What is a call centre ?

A call centre, on the other hand, primarily focuses on handling customer inquiries and issues via telephone calls. While some call centers may integrate other communication channels, their main function revolves around voice-based support. Call centres typically use automatic call distribution (ACD) systems to route incoming calls to available agents.


Benefits and drawbacks of contact centres:


Multi-Channel Support: Contact centres let customers choose how they want to get in touch, like phone, email, chat, social media, SMS, and more. This allows customers to choose the channel that suits them best, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Experience:  Contact centres excel in offering a seamless, omnichannel experience. Agents can switch between channels while maintaining the context of the customer’s issue. This consistency leads to a smoother and more personalised customer experience.

Data-Driven Insights: Contact centres employ advanced analytics tools to collect and analyse data from multiple communication channels. This data helps businesses understand customers better, make smarter decisions, and provide personalised support.

Increased Productivity: Contact centre agents can efficiently handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously, optimising productivity. This simultaneous handling of inquiries can lead to shorter wait times for customers and quicker issue resolution.


Complex Setup: Setting up and managing a contact center can be difficult and expensive, needing investments in equipment, software, and training. Smaller businesses with limited resources may find the setup process daunting.

Training Requirements: Agents in contact centers need comprehensive training to handle a variety of communication channels effectively. The training process can be time-consuming and costly, and ongoing skill development is necessary to ensure the team stays updated with the latest tools and techniques.

Technological Dependence: Contact centres heavily rely on technology, making them vulnerable to technical issues and disruptions. Technical failures can lead to downtime and hinder customer service operations, which can be detrimental in a competitive market


Benefits and drawbacks of call centres:


Specialisation: Call centres specialise in providing high-quality voice-based customer support, making them an ideal choice for businesses that mainly deal with phone inquiries. Agents in call centers are often highly trained in verbal communication skills, ensuring a superior phone support experience.

Cost-Efficiency: Call centres tend to be more cost-effective to set up and manage compared to contact centres, primarily due to their single-channel focus. Smaller businesses with limited budgets can benefit from the cost savings.

Quick Response: Customers who like phone support get help right away on calls, which solves problems faster and makes them happier.

Easy to Scale: Call centres can be easily expanded or shrunk, making them a flexible choice for businesses. This is especially beneficial for businesses that are growing or experiencing changes in demand.


Limited Communication Channels: Call centres are primarily voice-centric, which may not meet the needs of customers who prefer other communication methods such as email, chat, or social media. This limitation can result in the exclusion of a significant portion of the customer base.

Reduced Flexibility: Call centres may struggle to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of modern customers who demand a more diverse set of communication options. Failure to adapt to evolving customer preferences can lead to decreased customer satisfaction and a competitive disadvantage.

Data Collection Challenges: Call centres typically capture less customer data compared to contact centres. This limited data collection can hinder the ability to understand customers’ behaviour and preferences, making it challenging to personalise support and marketing efforts effectively.

Which one is better for you? 

Deciding on a contact centre or call centre for your business depends on what you and your customers want. A contact center could be a good option for your busy online business. Customers can contact you through email, live chat, and social media. It offers the flexibility to cater to different communication methods, enhancing customer convenience. Moreover, contact centres gather valuable data through advanced analytics, helping you understand your customers better and improve your services. However, be ready for a more complex setup and ongoing training for your agents, which might require more resources.

On the other hand, if your business is just starting or specialises in a niche market with a customer base that primarily prefers phone support, a call centre could be the cost-effective solution. It is streamlined, efficient, and cost-efficient and makes it a great fit for smaller businesses. Customers seeking quick resolutions through phone calls will appreciate the rapid response. Call centers are not adaptable to different communication methods. They may not gather as much customer information. This lack of adaptability and limited information gathering could restrict your understanding. Match your customer service strategy with your business model and customers’ expectations for a satisfying experience for everyone involved.

contact centre vs call centre
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