Our proven process offers our clients the peace of mind they need before embarking on this journey with us- by understanding our system from the inside out.

We Listen and work together

Our proven process facilitates our clients and helps us work in a seamless manner. The step by step process creates consistency and provides a clear roadmap for everyone. It also helps our clients to build trust and keeps them in the loop throughout.










Meeting Pulse


  • We will begin our collaboration by learning about each other in depth.
  • We will learn about the size of your company, location, and number of agents working, automation levels, dispatch system (if any), operational system, financial standing and more.
  • Next, we will present to you, our core values, sale presentation, goals and objectives, cost reduction, KPI’S and more to set the expectation.


  • Once we gather the required knowledge, we will create our core training materials and programmes to train your agents.
  • Our experts will do a SWOT analysis of your company by studying your competitors, reviewing your core values, and carrying out a tech audit.
  • Our QC department will consistently monitor the training process of your agents and keep you in the loop throughout.


  • Today's competitive environment leaves no room for error. Therefore, we strive to meet our customers' needs and relentlessly look for new ways to exceed their expectations.
  • Our Source / Select is full of energetic and service driven individuals and your trust is paramount to us. Your agents are handpicked from a pool of incredible people to fulfil your business needs
  • Our provisioning process consists of a training period, three day trial and Go live.


  • We provide a monthly review report where both parties exchange feedback.
  • Our accountability process consists of a score card, measure analysis and report, and customer sign off.

.Meeting Pulse

  • We arrange a quarterly meeting with you to share our quarterly analysis so we can find ways to improve and excel.
  • Each year, c2o hosts an annual event to review each department's work in detail and assess the organisation internally. Our annual event facilitates the organisation to make new strategies to improve and excel further.