Why Customer Experience Is Key to Scaling Revenue Growth

Customer experience or CX plays a huge role in running a successful business. Before we delve deeper into the CX world, it is paramount for us to know the key difference between customer support services and customer experience. You might think that both mean the same thing but that is not the case. Customer service is more of a transactional relationship between organisations and customers that takes place when a problem arises or to check on the customers. Whereas CX is a more holistic approach towards customer experience, it involves building personalised relationships over time with customers leading to true customer loyalty and fully understanding your customers needs. Leadership can play a huge role in recognising the difference between the two and creating effective strategies to introduce CX as a cultural value.


Improving Customer Experience

CX plays an important role in helping businesses attract and retain customers and increase revenue. In this article you will find out ways CX can help in scaling the revenue growth of your business:



No customer likes a brand that sells similar products or services at cheaper prices anymore. It is no longer a fruitful strategy to focus on price and quality only. Coming across as a business that “only wants to sell” is not going to help you grow. If you wish to make an impact on your industry and society then you must do so by providing a world-class customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Your clients will always remember you for the seamless customer journey to using your product or service and the experience that followed right after the purchase. You need to start by creating strong CX strategies that will set your business apart from others. This way, you will know your customers better and will be able to foresee any problems well before time.



Most businesses tend to change their customer experience strategy as soon as they realise that they have failed to meet targets. This does not always work because it shows inconsistency. According to recent research, 64% of customers prefer to buy from businesses they trust and they end up spending more than expected too. If you are consistent with your customer experience strategies, you will automatically build trust and customer loyalty. Doing so will provide you with a large pool of great customer service or product to without having to worry about losing profit


Word-of-mouth marketing has always worked wonders. It is a method of marketing that has always given results despite the entry of modern marketing techniques.

The reputation of your business will always get people talking and take you global. You can end up having a bad reputation if you continue losing customers as they will talk about your business unpleasantly.

A bad customer experience can destroy your company’s image so you must focus on conflict resolution and integrate strategies to solve such problems. Introduce training courses for your customer support teams so they know how to handle customer interactions like professionals without getting irritated.



Customers are not afraid to voice their concerns over social media and tend to leave reviews for others to read. Therefore, you must make all efforts in making your customer experience better. A personalised CX experience can encourage your existing customers to spread the word and talk about your product with their friends and family. What does that do for your business? You get to advertise your product or service without having to spend a penny.


  1. Cost Effective

We all know that gaining new customers is more expensive than retaining old ones. By providing a great customer experience, you can reduce losing clients and increase your customer retention rate. Retaining customers automatically means repeat purchases. A high customer retention rate can help you with a predictable incoming revenue stream as you will be fully aware of the needs of your customers. Regardless of the nature of your business, a high customer retention rate will always increase your ROI and your customers will become your brand advocates.


  1. Improved Business Operations

To stay competitive in today’s world, one must evaluate customer feedback and constantly improve. This is where a sound quality control department comes into play as this specific department is responsible to keep up the CX standards at all times. Collecting feedback is not the only thing. One must analyse the data and make necessary adjustments so your customers feel heard and seen. By analysing your customers’ feedback, you can easily have a future strategy that will address all issues and will be a better version. This will help your business work on areas that need improvement and close the market gap.


  1. Increased Revenue

Well, this one is pretty obvious as the entire article is about how an innovative customer experience strategy can increase your business revenue. By having a highly driven team and a solid customer experience strategy in place, you can ensure that your business growth will only increase with time. If your workers will know the importance of CX despite the department they work for, they will automatically focus on making customer-friendly strategies and will always be on the lookout to integrate advanced CX strategies.


How To Improve Customer Experience

To sum it up, customer experience can make or break your business. So one must build a culture of servant leadership and focus on encouraging emotional intelligence within the organisation.


Organisations should provide employees with training and development courses and improve their soft skills as customer experience is all about creating personalised interactions with your customers.

An emotional connection is the foundation of a strong customer experience so companies that practice communication, empathy, self-awareness, and problem-solving end up leading the CX journey.Business leaders should prioritise the customer experience and introduce innovative ways of improving it to increase loyal customers and revenue growth.

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