Advantages of Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the practice of enhancing how your business functions by contracting a specific business service to an external service provider. The outsourced solution can include accounting, digital marketing, data recording, social media marketing, customer support service, and more. Outsourcing your business services to a third party is one of the main tools that modern businesses can use to progress. To summarise it all, Outsourcing cuts down on labor costs, gives a competitive advantage over your rivals, increases service levels and creates a long term bond with your clients. BPO company in Pakistan provides cost-effective access to skilled professionals, allows companies to focus on core activities, and offers flexibility and advanced technology solutions.We hope this article helped you understand everything about business process outsourcing and why it can be a game changer for your business. Overall, outsourcing bookkeeping services UK through a BPO provider can help businesses save time and money while improving their financial management capabilities.

Commonly Outsourced Services:

We have listed the most commonly outsourced business solutions down below:

Customer Service

It takes skill and expertise to keep your customers happy and to answer their calls 24/7. If you want to provide a consistent and strong customer experience then outsourcing this particular service would be the best thing for your business.

Human Resource

Most businesses have a hard time finding the correct candidate. The entire process of searching, interviewing, short listing and on boarding can get overwhelming for most companies . Therefore, outsourcing can help you focus on your core areas while experts find the best fit for your office.

Accounting And Payment Processing

This is all about the finances. By outsourcing this particular service, you can let a team of experts make strategies for your business’s financial needs.

Online Marketing And Social Media

If is never easy to create marketing campaigns that can increase your ROI. So what can one do? Outsource it to a team of experts and let them create marketing strategies that will help your business flourish.



Most businesses choose to outsource processes for many reasons. It is a common belief that businesses outsource for tx break but this isn’t entirely correct. We have listed down the top 5 benefits of outsourcing:

Cost Reduction

This is the biggest advantage for most businesses as outsourcing reduces costs for labor, since companies don’t have to hire new employees or train staff. It also reduces office space cost as with hiring new people, businesses to scale up by moving to a bigger place to accommodate everyone.

Focus On Core Competencies

When companies outsource, they are able to focus their resources on their main departments. For example, they don’t have to worry about a high volume of calls or how well the accountant is doing his/her job. They can simply focus on growing their business. Focusing on core business functions can help Increase the company’s completive advantage and improve actions across the value chain.

Better Results In Non-Core Functions

Working with outsourcing organizations means working with a team of experts of that particular service. It might be a non-core function for your business but it is a core function for the outsourced company. Let me share a good business process outsourcing example, if you outsourc digital marketing agency then you will have a team of graphic designers, social media experts and content marketing gurus working for you- resulting in stellar results for your business.


Increased Security

Outsourcing companies that specialise in handling financial departments can often provide better security from cyber theft and this particular benefit will be more appealing to you if own a small business. Small businesses that do not have the resources for in-house cybersecurity can take advantage of this.

To Expand Their Global Presence

Some BPO companies can serve customers in multiple languages, 24/7 service meaning each time zone can be catered, thus relieving and giving a break to the contractor. Outsourcing companies can leverage their presence in multiple countries and promote diversity this way.

Improved Efficiency

Organizations that outsource tasks allow specialists to handle them. What does this do for your business? It saves time, increases productivity and accuracy.

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What Our Client Say

Trusted by more than 31 customers

We were nervous about outsourcing our overflow calls and live chats but c2o made it extremely easy. The agents quickly learned our system and they have dealt with our customers quickly efficiently and professionally from day one. I would definitely recommend.
They are very reliable and do a great job. c2o team is committed to transparency and finding ways to address any obstacle that they meet. By working in partnership with c2o we have been able to achieve savings of approximately 60% without any erosion to the customer experience.
During challenging times for our business, this service enabled us to save considerable costs without having to compromise service delivery. Service quality is paramount to us and this has been delivered professionally from the agents to the management and support teams that are available 24/7.
To cut costs, we wanted a call centre with real time engagement and customer support. Glad we chose this company as our customer retention rate has increased.
We have been working with them for over 3 years and our company has grown exponentially with the help of their services.
The onboarding process is very professional. All the instructions were given beforehand and explained in detail.