The word “obsession” is usually used in a negative way, thanks to the unending list of movies and TV
shows about obsessive personalities who either want to kill or kidnap. But when the same word is
used for businesses and their customers, it becomes positive.
We have Amazon to thank for first introducing the idea of “obsessing over customers” in 1997. The
the term “customer obsession” resurfaced in Amazon’s list of Leadership Principles, and has since been
buzzed about in the business world.

What is customer obsession?

Customer obsession is a state of hyper-focus. It puts great emphasis on organisations deeply
understanding its customers and using that information to better serve their needs.
Does this sound similar to customer-centricity? Yes, it does.

The main difference revolves around the intense feeling customer obsession ignites. You could be
“customer-centric” and justify it by pointing to your dedicated customer research team. But to be
customer-obsessed, every bone in your organisational body needs to work towards making your
customers happy. This means deeply understanding them, collecting information and acting on it.
c2o customer obsession tip # 1: Speaking with experience, customer obsession requires the same
level of obsession with data. What does this mean? You can’t improve if you don’t measure.


Customer obsession helps organisations with customer retention. Yes, you get to keep your
customers because of your performance. When you make the customer your priority rather than
focusing on your competitors or just finding a shortcut to making more profit, your customer will
continue using your services.


1) How important is customer engagement for your organisation?

A customer-obsessed company will be fanatical about customer engagement as you cannot get to
know your customers without communicating and gaining information.

2) Are your employees empathetic?

To fully understand your customers, your staff needs to go in your customer’s shoes and think from
their perspective.

3) Does your organisation collect customer data?

Customer obsessed companies always collect feedback and actively listen to it as customer
satisfaction is paramount to them.

4) Does your organisation take employee engagement seriously?

Wait, why are we talking about employees when our core focus is customers? This is the interesting
part; if your employees are engaged then they will take the extra time needed to solve a customer’s
problem. Whereas, an unengaged employee might go on autopilot without caring about the
customer’s needs.

5) Is your organisation customer-focused?

This one can be confusing for many organisations as they feel that their customer care departments
are completely customer focused-ignoring the fact that a customer-obsessed company practices
customer focus by making each department understand that they all are a part of the customer

6) Are the right people in the right seats?

Your organization needs to have a team that believes in your mission as that will help your company
reach its full potential. Start hiring people who believe that customer obsession is crucial for success
and make sure that your managers are fully aware and on board with your agenda.

7) Do you reward your employees?

As humans, we are apt to keep doing something if we are rewarded for it. If you want your employees
to practice customer obsession consistently- you will need to introduce a process that is going to
reward their performance.

8) Is the leadership of your company practising what it preaches?

Leaders are in the position to enforce customer obsession from the top down. If they continue with
their competitor obsession in business planning meetings then your organisation will not be able to
fully switch to customer obsession. To create a customer-obsessed company culture, it must be
modelled at the highest organisational ranks.

9) Have you fully researched your customers?

Customer obsession starts with understanding your customer goals and how your solutions can help
them. A customer-obsessed organisation needs to adopt a problem-solving methodology and that
might mean going outside of your comfort zone to win customer trust.

10) Are you willing to think differently?

You can have the best team in the world but if you are unable to think out of the box then (sorry if this
sounds harsh) you are set for failure. A customer-obsessed company consistently researches,
collects and studies data and innovates according to it. Therefore, to be customer-obsessed you must
believe in innovation.

c2o customer obsession tip #2:

To build a customer-obsessed culture, Leadership must make
customers’ needs and expectations a priority.


At c2o, we never forget that our job is about people. This might sound squishy but we strongly believe
in customer obsession and provide the best business solutions to help them in any way possible. Our
core focus is to be the brightest star in the contact centre sky and we cannot achieve this without
taking customer experience to another level.
We have a team of highly professional individuals who start with a necessary objective overview of
the client’s situation to provide tailored business solutions using their expertise, resulting in time and
money saved. Our aim is to ensure that your company is on the path to success