With thousands of video marketing experts around the world, how can you know who to follow and get credible advice from when it comes to video marketing? This article gets straight to the point and lists the Top 10 video marketing blogs worth following

  • Entrepreneur Magazine has an amazing video strategy section devoted to businesses growing out their use of video content.
  • DaCast has been consistent with delivering a variety of online video content for years. If you need advice, do check them out.
  • Business2Community is a blog that covers multiple topics ranging from digital and social, to business and finance. They also have a section dedicated to video marketing where you can find articles submitted by experts.
  • Vyond puts the power of video in your hands, allowing people of all skill levels and in all industries to create dynamic and powerful content. Do you need some help getting started? You know where to be.
  • HubSpot  has beefed up it’s expert advice on video marketing. With a dedicated video marketing section, they provide insightful tips and guides from agency partners and experts.
  • Yum Yum provides regular and consistent expert video marketing advice spanning a variety of topics such as video SEO, animation, live video, video in email and much more
  • StoryMe is an innovative blog focusing on video strategy and research for various online video use cases such as internal communication, marketing, social video, distribution and more.
  • izideo provides a range of video content advice and tips for marketers that are beginning to intermediate-level experience with video marketing and strategy.
  • Video Marketing 2.0 provides a range of content both in written and audio podcast formats. Find basic through expert level topics and discussions by various thought leaders.
  • The Vidyard video marketing blog is dedicated to video strategy for markers and sales people. Topics are geared towards demand generation marketers using video to support sales and sales teams looking to book more meetings using video voicemails