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With multiple service providers, one is always better than the other. Employ c2o SEO services to outrank your competitors with one of the best SEO agencies Sydney.

  • Actionable Strategy Tailored to Your Unique Requirements
  • Data-driven Approach
  • Measurable Outcomes
  • Direct Consultation with SEO Experts Sydney
  • Dedicated SEO Manager


Why Choose c2o SEO Services Sydney?

Key Differentiators in Our SEO Services
c2o SEO services are not about using fancy words to attract or using jargons to confuse our partners. We love to dive into the process and come out with a robust strategy that is unique to optimize your SEO requirements.


Full-stack SEO Consultants

The dedicated team of our SEO Consultants in Sydney works round the clock to deliver outcomes backed by data analytics. You can structure a website that is optimized well for user journey and experience. However, in the absence of SEO optimization, chances are that little to no users will land on your website. Our full-stack SEO services in Sydney help you attract and engage traffic to increase leads and conversion rates. Our dedicated SEO services include but are not limited to:


Technical SEO

A whole wide range of factors affects your website’s technical SEO score. While some of the factors are common, many technical SEO factors are unique to each website. Our SEO teams conduct the overall website audit and report corrective measures to fine-tune your website for technical SEO. Some of these factors include core web vitals, broken links, links duplication, content duplication, HTTPS status, schema markup, robot.txt configurations etc.


On-Page SEO

On-page or on-site SEO is the process of implementing SEO techniques on the front end of a web page. On-page SEO is where everyone normally begins the optimization from. On-site SEO services include strategies that help human readers as well as crawlers or bots. In readability optimization, you render a content piece engaging, interesting and meaningful for your audience. Keyword optimization is part of every on-site SEO to indicate to a bot what your page is all about. It makes it easier for bots to navigate through the website and identify the intent of content as well. The bottom line is, neither the keyword-rich meaningless content will help you rank, nor the meaningful content without keyword optimization will drive traffic to your website.To summarize, on-page SEO is balancing the content and making the life of bots and humans equally delightful.


Off-Page SEO

Every process to increase traffic other than on-page and technical SEO falls under the off-page SEO strategy. This approach to increase the visibility of your website in search engines is a continuous and rigorous process. It involves undergoing multiple processes simultaneously to create a domino effect on your website traffic analytics. All these processes enhance the digital popularity of your website. Different off-page SEO strategies include but are not limited to:

  • Business citations on niche related online directories
  • Google My Business (GMB) optimization for increasing localized visibility
  • Obtaining backlinks from well-reputed websites with high domain authorities.
  • Web 2.0
  • Localized SEO Campaigning
  • Guest postings


Targeted Keyword Research and SEO Campaigns

One of the fundamental building blocks of a successful SEO campaign is honing your keyword research. Effective keyword research empowers organizations to stand out in competitive SERP results. Successful keyword research should always be backed by a targeted SEO campaign. Keyword research is somewhat similar to a SWOT analysis.

In SWOT, you identify opportunities and dead ends for fiscal benefits. In keyword research, you identify gaps and opportunities to make a strategy that yields digital visibility and presence. Keyword research reveals different keywords with their associated properties such as search volume, keyword density, keyword difficulty, etc. Similarly, it also enables you to identify long-tail keywords with little competition to help you plan out your SEO campaigns.

Without inlcuding the right keywords in your content, the chances of your content reaching the right audience fall significantly. For example, this web page is dedicated to the audience looking for SEO companies in Australia. If c2o does not use keywords like SEO marketing, SEO services in Sydney, SEO companies Australia, SEO agencies Sydney etc., this content will never reach the targeted audience as it should‘ve been.
Therefore, the right keyword research empowered by an aggressive SEO campaign is of fundamental importance to achieving your SEO milestones.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is as crucial as any other SEO campaign. Content marketing strategy embodies the entire brand awareness process. It includes researching the kind of information the audience is looking for. It is followed by drafting and refining this information and publishing it on targeted platforms for your audience.

Providing your audience with just the right information boosts your organizational repute. Maintaining educational content for them improves your brand image and authority amidst a competitive marketplace. Attracting and engaging your digital audience is like a touchdown in converting potential leads. A fine-tuned content marketing strategy has the power to achieve the ‘attract and engage’ KPIs of conversion. c2o is proud to be the best SEO agency Sydney since our content marketing strategies are backed by data-powered insights. For example, what number of which platform has the potential to generate what number of leads?

Hence, our content marketing campaigns are always centred on lead conversions and audience engagement. c2o tailors every content marketing strategy in compliance with the current standing of our client in the digital world. In this way, our SEO Sydney clients optimize their brand awareness and authority by adding value to their marketing campaigns.


Link Building Strategies

Link building effectively increases the authority of your website in SERP rankings. However, it is just not that simple. Not every link to your website improves your website visibility and not every link adds value to your SEO milestones. Some backlinks can inflict more damage than benefit your website. Therefore, care must be taken to identify and distinguish black hat, grey hat, and white hat link building strategies. c2o offers full-stack link building strategies as part of our SEO services in Sydney.

We conduct a thorough audit of your current link building strategies and profile, remove and recover the toxic links respectively. It is followed by an analytical strategy to help your website optimize for SERP rankings and website authority. Many factors need to be taken care of while establishing a link-building strategy. Some of the major aspects to look for include:

  • Analysing the traffic on the linked website
  • Avoiding keyword-rich anchor text on the referring domain
  • Domain authority and page authority of the linking website
  • Industry niche of the referring website
  • Total number of external links on the referring domain/website

Care must be taken to analyse and evaluate the link building strategy of your SEO agency Sydney. If your SEO services provider is reluctant to share its link building strategy, it may include grey and black hat SEO. These practices are strictly prohibited by Google and can penalize your website. The penalty ranges from degrading the web authority to removing it from SERP altogether.


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What Our Client Say

Trusted by more than 31 customers

We were nervous about outsourcing our overflow calls and live chats but c2o made it extremely easy. The agents quickly learned our system and they have dealt with our customers quickly efficiently and professionally from day one. I would definitely recommend.
They are very reliable and do a great job. c2o team is committed to transparency and finding ways to address any obstacle that they meet. By working in partnership with c2o we have been able to achieve savings of approximately 60% without any erosion to the customer experience.
During challenging times for our business, this service enabled us to save considerable costs without having to compromise service delivery. Service quality is paramount to us and this has been delivered professionally from the agents to the management and support teams that are available 24/7.
To cut costs, we wanted a call centre with real time engagement and customer support. Glad we chose this company as our customer retention rate has increased.
We have been working with them for over 3 years and our company has grown exponentially with the help of their services.
The onboarding process is very professional. All the instructions were given beforehand and explained in detail.