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5 Ways To Improve Your Inbound Call Process

If your business receives a high number of calls then an inbound call Process is the need of the hour for your company. Not having an inbound call strategy for handling inbound calls can have a negative impact on your customer experience as the waiting time increases, agents are not capable of dealing with multiple problems at the same time hence the customer experience will significantly drop. To add to the complexity, the reasons for these calls can vary widely.

Some calls are about customer support questions, while others might be inquiries from prospects who are interested in your products or services. The inbound call process should be designed to address the client’s needs promptly and efficiently, which can help businesses build customer loyalty, increase client retention, and enhance their reputation as a reliable Inbound call handling provider.

What Is Inbound Calling?

Inbound calling” is when someone initiates contact with your business by phone—these calls are actually coming in and you are on the receiving end. You can receive inbound calls for any number of reasons. Unless that phone call goes to a phone number dedicated to a specific purpose, such as your help desk or technical support, you usually have no idea what the reason might be. You just have to be ready to react to the call. In this article, we will walk you through some incredible inbound strategies to implement for a better customer experience


Get The Right Call Centre Software for Processing Incoming Calls

With an “all-in-one” call centre solution, many tasks (e.g., handling peak hours or a high number of incoming calls) become super easy to handle. There are several contact centre software tools available in the market, so it’s worth doing your own research, trying a few, and choosing the one that suits your business.

IVR  A Game Changer in Inbound Call Process 

Customers are usually impatient and in a hurry because they feel like they are waiting forever. To provide a good customer experience, it is imperative for your operators to shorten the wait time.  Investing in an IVR can bring many benefits to your table. It can handle many calls simultaneously and route them all to the right agent or department, completely eliminating the need to transfer calls.

Inbound Call Process

Inbound Call Strategy to Retain Customers

We all know that customer service representatives have to deal with upset or angry customers regularly. It is really important for you to hire trained agents who can skilfully deal with angry customers and diffuse stressful situations rather than escalating them further. Usually callers are not in the best mood, they can be disappointed with the service or just be having a bad day. This does not mean that your agents can behave the same way If you wish to retain clients then you must be hire friendly operators. According to a survey, 68% of customers say that a friendly and pleasant representative is key to a great customer service experience.

Call Scripts Are The Way

Handling a high volume of calls can be difficult since you have to keep track of all the information that comes your way. Now this is where call centre scripts come in! Call scripts can help you manage your agents, inbound call quality and important details about each call. Using a curated script can definitely help take your customer experience up the clouds.

Quality Control

An incredible quality control department can help your business maintain a customer satisfaction rate at all times. The quality control department is supposed to monitor calls and operators simultaneously. Having a team of experts who manage and maintain a high standard of customer service is imperative for any successful business.

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How Do You Handle Your Inbound Calls

Therefore the way you answer the phone has a serious impact on the customer’s perception of your company. You can significantly increase your customer retention with the correct technology, trained operators, and an impeccable quality control department.


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