Outbound Contact Centre

We can facilitate your organisation to be able to touch your customers in the most effective way possible. c2o ensures that our outbound contact centre can create the right solutions for your business needs. Our agents can use your customer list to reach out and create campaigns to market, survey, respond and interact.

Outbound Contact Centre Outsourcing UK

Connect with customers where they are

  • Stay More Focused

  • Trained Agents

  • Technologically Progressive

  • Save on Resources

When you choose c2o as your outbound contact centre outsourcing partner, you can benefit in numerous ways. It can support the sales team with marketing services such as appointment making, upselling services or market research.

We will first gather relevant data about your business and then our team will study your business requirements, target market, and proposition before providing our services. This analysis enables us to provide reliable and efficient outbound solutions that can increase your business value.


Instead of putting your employees to work to get leads, you can let them focus on core projects of your company and let us chase your potential clients.

Trained agents

We have trained and experienced agents who know how to follow a script, build rapport with customers and provide the correct information a prospect might ask about.

Technologically Progressive

Our system monitors your progress and provides innovative solutions. We use your customer behaviour data to create better experiences in every interaction because, at c2o, each interaction counts.

Increase Profits

Outsourcing our outbound call centre services can help you generate more leads and hence boost your revenue.

Save on Resources

By outsourcing, you can save a lot since you do not have to invest in infrastructure, expensive software and hiring manpower.

Need Help?

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