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Best outsourced call center answering services

Outsourcing has turned out to be a real game-changer for most businesses. It increases productivity, efficiency, and profits. Research shows that most businesses that opted to outsource call center answering services have witnessed operational efficiency and a high customer retention rate.

Best inbound call center outsourcing Services

We all know the importance of excellent customer support service for any business. They know that word-of-mouth advertising increases when customer service is genuinely happy with the call answering service. So, when you use a reputable call center like c2o for professional contact center services, you take a step toward making your customers happy. How? Because outsourcing to an expert inbound call centre guarantees the best call center services. A pool of talented individuals who will work around the clock to devise a strategy to make your customers happy.

Therefore, when you chose the best inbound call center outsourcing for your business it allows you to take a seat back as trained agents are the ones to assist your customers.

Partnering with an affordable call center services provider is the best way to guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact centers are equipped with the latest technology, and a team of highly trained operators to answer your calls.

Save on Resources by outsourcing customer service call centers

By outsourcing call center services, you can save big time since you do not have to invest in infrastructure, expensive software, and hiring manpower. When you decide to work with Whistl to handle your customer contacts, we discuss all elements that make customer service important to your business.

Why choose c2o for affordable call center services?

  • Our agents provide top call center services to handle customer queries and complain handling.
  • c2o offers the best-outsourced call center answering services that can help you cut down on your in-house expenses by 60%.
  • You no longer need to train your agents – let us train and get them on board.
  • Brand’s reputation becomes our reputation, so you no longer have to worry about customer loyalty and other popular call center services.


A seasoned contact center will be equipped with a quality assurance system monitoring call center services and providing innovative outsourced solutions. It will monitor and collect your customer behavior data to create better experiences in every interaction.


Most companies tend to make their employees take customer-centric calls without realizing the fact that virtual receptionists who work in the customer experience industry are trained to behave a certain way and answer customer calls. Partnering with a contact center will let you focus on your core departments while an experienced company takes over your calls.


At c2o we believe that an increase in your customer calls does not need to increase your manpower and cost. We are the number one UK-based choice for outsourcing inbound calls around the world. c2o provides customers with a world-class customer experience, with call management services, from our reliable and skilled call center team of agents. Our call center team of experts is available 24/7 to handle your calls or queries with passion, guaranteeing a high client retention rate throughout the year.


We offer tailored inbound call center services to support your key business objectives with our call center customer service. We work as an extension of your business and caringly handle your customer calls just as you would, all within our established UK call centers. Offering support for peak periods, overflow of calls from your in-house team, or the handling of marketing campaign-related calls

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