The year 2020 has been labelled as the “coronavirus year” with lockdowns implemented worldwide to curb the spread of the novel virus. It has hit the world severely, serving as a threat to human health in more than a century.
With global lockdowns, the energy demand has changed and caused an economic challenge but at the same time, it has provided a cleaner environment and rekindled humanity in each individual. Amidst all the gloom and doom that Covid19 has bestowed upon us, there seems to be a silver lining as well. In this article, we will shed light on the ways Covid19 made us more humane.


Nature seems to have hit the reset button and has started to heal since all anthropogenic activities came to a halt. The Lancet commission reports on pollution and health suggest that pollution causes more than 16% of the global deaths, with air pollution alone contributing up to 8% of these deaths, which is more than the deaths due to tuberculosis, malaria, and AIDS and 15% more than global violence and wars.
All countries were quick in response to actively curb the spread of the virus by suspending air travel and entire cities were put under strict lockdowns. These actions helped in reducing air pollution and carbon monoxide emission reduced by more than 50 percent. A dramatic increase in air quality has been witnessed throughout our planet and long term health benefits of clean air that outnumber the covid19 deaths have been reported too.


Beaches provide important services like tourism, recreation, and livelihood to individuals. At the same time, they protect the heavy impact of waves and shield crops and homes. Marine life provides key eco system services like global climate stability and prior to Covid19; it was suffering because of pollution. Once the lockdown was implemented, tourism around the world beaches has been greatly affected and industrial activities have also stopped. According to various studies, all these actions have left positive footprints on the beaches. Some examples are the beaches of Salinas (Ecuador), Barcelona (Spain), and Acapulco (Mexico), all these beaches now look cleaner with clear waters. Similarly, another study was carried out on the effect of Covid-19 lockdown on the surface water quality; it was found that the water quality of Vembanad Lake, Kerala, increased significantly during this time.


The deadly threatening virus has evoked a sense of belonging and responsibility towards each other. Prior to the virus, humans took everything for granted and gave no time to the emotional wellbeing of others but the current situation has pushed us towards each other. The cosmos has forced everyone to return to their family unit.
Many families have come together; many misunderstandings were cleared or set aside for “The Larger Reason”. Families discovered the seed of creativity within themselves. New games were created which became viral and were adopted as trends.
Husbands, brothers, and fathers became more domesticated by sharing the load happily. People rediscovered many talents as there was time to spare.
The essence of true life was actually upheaved which was previously buried under the busy hassle of life. Personally apart from adorning “The Mask”, this pandemic has provided us with a more natural way of life and has made us value human relations more.
People have started to value human relationships over material and became charitable towards the underprivileged segment of our society. Lockdowns opened our eyes towards the struggle of the common man and people started raising money for those who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Hence, humans have started to share and care for each other especially the elderly.
The general public has developed a positive attitude towards health workers, armed forces, and all social workers who are dealing with the pandemic in the line of fire. People have started to value these workers for their unwavering support during this difficult time.


Humans will overcome this catastrophe in due time. However, we should know the importance of nature and we must learn to protect it. Climate change is a serious problem in our century and we must take active steps towards controlling the damage. Covid 19 has been a blessing in disguise for mother earth as it has given it a break from being polluted to the point of disaster. It is true that the pandemic has several negative effects on our world and the positive ones are temporary but we must curate a serious policy to protect our planet from pollution as we will not get another earth. We only have ONE home.
Let’s reflect and take action in time so our beloved earth does not suffer at our hands again.

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